Former Vice Chancellors

Former Vice Chancellors
LATE Dr. Z. A.Hashmi
01-11-1961 to 31-08-1969
LATE Dr. N. D. Yousaf (T.I)
01-09-1969 to 20-10-1969
LATE Dr. Israr-ul-Haq
21-10-1969 to 20-10-1975
Dr. Amir Muhammad
29-10-1975 to 17-09-1978
LATE Dr. G. R. Chaudhry
18-09-1978 to 25-09-1981
LATE Mian Mumtaz Ali
26-09-1981 to 13-06-1987
Dr. Abdur Rehman (T.I)
14-06-1987 to 13-06-1991
Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Khan
27-06-1991 to 30-11-1995
LATE Dr. M. Anwar-ul-Haq
01-12-1995 to 10-12-1996
Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Sheri
15-12-1996 to 28-09-1999
Dr. Riaz Hussain Qureshi
11-12-1999 to 15-02-2004
Dr. Bashir Ahmad
16-02-2004 to 27-02-2008

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